It’s 2012!!!

Dear Readers,

2012 is already here!! Good grief. 2011 seemed to fly by with crazy weather, memorable events, and seemingly long ‘to-do’ lists.

This year, as a part of new resolutions to work on self-discipline, completing projects, and being generally more organized, I hope to write with more frequency and ever improving quality.

As previously mentioned about “Days of the Week” themes, I have realized that these are not going to work well for me as it is apparent that my own “Days of the Week” don’t always coincide with my predestined themes.

Also, I am contemplating creating two new separate blogs for two huge areas of my life: Food and Education.
If and when these two accounts should be born, you will be among the first to know!

Splendid Wonders will remain however for crafty and other interests that add to life the spice of ingenuity that only God could have ordained.

Thank you so much for your support and love.
I cannot wait to see where God sends us in this year of 2012.

Warmest Regards,
Miss K

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Ideas? Comments?

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