Gone and Back Again

Sorry for being so out of it this week! I finished up my online class with a final over six chapters and also a dentist appointment with two shots and grinding and drilling.

I’ve also been reading a REALLY great book that I’m planning to share about on Monday  – at least what I’ve learned in the first half of the first chapter!

And technology-wise this week, I learned a cool trick from a cousin who is studying in graphic design.

Here is a creation of mine based on his how-to tips.

Normally, I don’t care for abstract art, but these are easy to make and challenging because you have to find the right balance and look.

Here’s how to do it.

I used Photoshop Elements 7.  (I’m sure Photoshop will work fine, or any program with the ability to customize the effects of  layers.)

The above picture is actually three separate shots I’ve taken. Two flowers and a picture of grass (duplicated 3xs across the bottom).

  • First, create a base layer. I chose a close-up of a pink rose.
  • Next, I layered the grass on top, and the red and orange flower on top of that.
  • Find the place to customize the settings on the layers. (In Photoshop Elements 7, it is directly above to the left of where you view and control the ‘Layers’  (which is on the bottom of the bar on the right side of the screen).

There are about 20 different options in Photoshop Elements 7 (though, I am excited to try it in PSE9!). I just fool around to see what I like best. (For me, the best way to learn something is through experimentation and practice – especially when concerning computer programs).

  • Customize each layer (except the bottom one – there will be no change in effect unless there is a layer beneath it).

Tip: I worked from the bottom up, and don’t be afraid to switch the layers around  – – there are an *infinite* amount of combinations!!

  • I saved it as a JPEG without saving the original Photoshop (.psd) file. (my computer is way overloaded as it is ;)


So, using the same technique, here are four more creations- all using different pictures.

Did I mention they are pretty easy to make?? And I feel pretty productive in the sense of ACTUALLY using a few of my 20,000+ pictures… though I’m not sure what I will do with these… maybe just look at them from time to time :)

As for my favorite, ummmm, I can’t say for sure…

The first picture (the one with the flowers and the grass) reminds me of a sunset.

Of four pictures in the collage, here’s the run down on what ‘makes’ each of the pics (Can you see within the finished picture to see the individual pictures????)

A (top left): A mosaic I made as a present and Sharpies

B (top right): my sister’s eye and pool balls in motion (this pic has a special effect added to it to match the style)

C (bottom left): a pine cone and frosty leaves

D (bottom right): peeling paint, a yellow-leaved tree, and broken bungee cord (that’s where the color comes from)

Which one is your favorite – – or do you even like them at all??

If you make your own, I’d love to see it and hear with what pics you made to MUSH it altogether into one piece of art!!
(just link it in a comment)

Hope to you see you back when I’ll be writing NEXT week!!





2 comments on “Gone and Back Again

  1. Holly says:

    too cool!! I like the peeling paint, a yellow-leaved tree, and broken bungee cord one!! reminds me of foil. or stained glass. yeah. i like it. :)

    • Ah- I totally see what you’re talking about – -it does have the wrinkled look to it…
      One of these days I’m going to do some more of these because I found that I have a ton of ‘textural’ pictures that would work really well (and this I found out as I was going through all my pics for a photo book I had made of the seasons, so I went through pretty much EVERY picture on my hard drive… but you know how that goes :D

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