I found this fun site awhile back and just rediscovered the creation I made on it among the thousands of pictures I have on my computer.

The site is called Tagxedo. Here’s one of my favorites that I saved a few months back.

Genesis 1 Tagxedo

The above “Tagxedo” was done with text from Genesis 1 – one of my favorite passages!

Simply put, Tagxedo randomizes whatever text you put into the engine.

To get started on your own, go to their site ( and go to “Create” to get an easy start.  Then, click on “Load” to insert your text. You can use a link from a website, or comments from Facebook or Twitter, or even a create a fun “letter” for a friend.

On the lower options, you can customize the shape, the color scheme, how close the words are together, font, if words like ‘the’ or ‘a’ are included in the final picture, and several other options… its a fun tool to play around and experiment with.

Lastly, be sure to “Save” your creation – there are multiple options!!

So, back to the “Inspired” part of this post :)

I made an oval in Photoshop Elements, and then took that into Picasa. I used Picasa rather than Elements for the project because creating individual text boxes for each word and moving and resizing them is much easier in Picasa.

For the text, I used three of my favorite verses from Psalm 111 – which also happens to be the inspiration for my blog name, Splendid Wonders.

Here is the finished creation….

What do you think of it?  Too many colors or too confusing to read?

Thanks for stopping by and reading this first post!!!!

Miss K


Ideas? Comments?

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